To complete its Refuse Chute Safe System, Chute Fire Certification UK® now offers hopper doorsets, providing a one-stop refuse chute solution for owners of multiple occupancy buildings.  The five new models of hopper doorsets easily passed the required 2.5 hours fire test and are now certified to BS476: Part 22: 1987.

Existing customers of Chute Fire Certification are delighted that the new hopper doorsets are now available, having pre-ordered with confidence that they would achieve the British Safety Standard.  Managing Director Avene Furness-Monks was at the test and said, “We have incorporated within our design products supplied by industry leaders, Pyroplex Systems and Quelfire and It was fabulous to see that even after the test was complete, the hopper doorset maintained its full integrity.”

A successful completion of the hopper doorset fire test

One of the first customers is Steve O’Neill, Facility Manager at First Ark, responsible for the facilities management at Knowsley Housing Trust.  He said “We have full trust in the Chute Fire Certification UK® team to inspect, manufacture and install chutes to the highest standards required in the industry.  We ordered the new hopper doorsets in all the refurbishments where they were required.  Not only do they look smart, the inspection date and relevant safety information is clear for everyone to see.”

Refuse chutes need to be inspected regularly by a Certified Fire Technician.  Depending on what is found during the inspection, the dedicated Chute Fire Certification UK® Fire Technician will advise on the best course of action to ensure that the refuse chute will not be a fire risk in any building.  This may include minor or major refurbishments to the chutes, but customers are left safe in the knowledge that the highest possible standards have been used to keep people and assets safe from fire.

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