When Avene Furness created Chute Fire Certification UK, she did so because she believed passionately in doing the right thing and offering a superior level of quality to managers of multi occupancy buildings. The value proposition that Avene and her team offer to their clients is a great customer experience and peace of mind – delivered through Certified Fire Technicians and Qualified Chute Engineers trained to the highest industry standards who continue their learning journeys with Continuous Professional Development.

Chute Fire Certification UK has gone from strength to strength, launching innovative products and bespoke solutions for their clients’ individual requirements. This success hasn’t gone unnoticed by competitors, leading Avene to formally trademark Chute Fire Certification UK in order to protect the brand. This has been driven, in part, by some competitors setting up websites with very similar names. Chute Fire Certification UK’s new Registered Trademark status ensures that new and existing customers will instantly know that they are working with the company that they know and trust.

“I am so proud of what we have achieved, and the high standard of training and qualifications achieved by every member of the team. Competency is critical, and we work incredibly hard at demonstrating this with every project that we undertake. The team and I go that extra mile to ensure that we make a difference, not only for our client’s requirements but within the Chute Service industry. We are setting industry standards and we are now protecting the great reputation that we have built” concludes Avene.